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        Welcome to our Newfoundland Art Gallery. We offer exceptional artwork at amazing value!  Our art gallery has gained a reputation for offering the greatest selection of Newfoundland art at the best prices in the business.  Shop in comfort knowing that we provide you with tremendous value, expert custom framing, superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.  Quality and value - it's our promise to you.

        It is our pleasure to present Newfoundland and Labrador's most talented visual artists.  Newfoundland art has been admired for many generations and Newfoundland artists have won numerous accolades both nationally and internationally.  As you browse our Newfoundland art gallery, you will witness imagery so unique to the character of this most precious culture.  Our artists present little pieces of home - stories that invoke precious memories of a special place and a deep sense of pride. 

        We are confident that you will be amazed at the talent of our visual artists.    As a Newfoundland art gallery that supports its local artists, our goal is give you the ultimate shopping experience.  We want you to feel relaxed and make our home - your home.



        1.  George Street -  James Long
        2.  Evening Joys - Ben Gillard
        3.  Hopscotch  - Lloyd Pretty
        4.  Leisure and Toil -  Ben Gillard
        5.  The Punt -  Ted Stuckless

        Custom Made Frames
        Computerized Mat Cutting 
        Plaque Mounting
        Canvas Stretching
        Shadow Box Framing
        Drymounting & Laminating
        Metal and Wood Frames


        Browse our collection of rare artwork
        "Iceberg Alley"
        Ben Gillard
        Framed Original Painting
        New Release Price: $599.00
        "Majestic Coastline"
        Kimberly Ropson
        Framed Limited Edition Print
        Price: $169.00
        "Tucked Away"
        Adam Young
        Framed Limited Edition Print
        Price $299.00
        Adam Young
        Framed Limited Edition Print
        Price $299.00
        Browse our collection of original paintings


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